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Welcome to Cougar!

Cougar is an open source framework for implementing well defined service interfaces with true transport independence, freeing you up to write your core logic. Originally written by Betfair, and powering their core services, it is a high performance framework, easily supporting high concurrency requirements.

It is released under the Apache Software Licence v2.

Using Cougar

If you’re new to Cougar we suggest checking out the following 2 guides:

Alternatively, checkout our documentation hub for other guides and references.


Cougar releases are available on GitHub, as is source code or checkout the “Fork Me” banner.

Cougar releases are published in the Maven Central repo, and SNAPSHOTs are also available (3.3-SNAPSHOT is the latest) in the Sonatype OSS Repository:

  <name>Sonatype Nexus Snapshots</name>